Friday, July 3, 2015

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I have had the wonderful opportunity this summer to go with a group to France and Italy, and then on my own with timeshare to Hawaii.  These trips were truly amazing, and I feel so blessed to have been able to take them.  I've posted a few of my favorite pictures from each below:

Also, in the good, or possibly great, category is that I am coming up on 3 years since diagnosis.  Since I am feeling and doing so well, that is a great milestone to pass! The actual timeframe of the cancerversary is always a little bit hard, but thankfully, I'll be with family again which always helps.

The Bad
In the not so great category is the fact that I'm losing one of the schools that I've worked with for four years.  They've changed their credentialing, and unfortunately, the credentials I have do not have enough graduate level music history to meet their new requirements.  So, this summer term will be the last that I work for them.   Since, I'd already had a little bit of ebb in some of my other positions, it makes this a bit harder especially since this school was about 1/4th of my total pay.   Also, I didn't find out until after I'd gotten home from Hawaii; so, I might have made some other choices on the trip(s) if I'd known,  but that wasn't possible after the fact.

I've been putting out a lot of resumes, and I'm hoping that something will come up to take up the slack from this.  I'd appreciate any prayers that my work situation would work out for the best, and that something good will come of all of this.

The Ugly
A couple of days after finding out about the school above, I got a letter from my health insurance company that they would no longer be offering individual and family health insurance after this December.  This is the company that I've been with throughout my time with cancer, and they have really been wonderful.  They've approved all of the tests and scans I've needed with no hassle.  The idea and task of finding a new insurance that will even just cover all of my doctors is very daunting.  Of course, it would be best if I could just find something full-time that would include insurance, which I'm searching for, but those opportunities in my field(s) are few and far between.   Otherwise, I really can't search for new insurance policies until November 1 when the marketplace re-opens.

I would really appreciate your thoughts & prayers on the health insurance front as well.  While you're at it though, please throw in some thanks for my relatively good health as we pass this 3 year cancerversary.    Hope everyone is having a good summer, and Happy 4th!