Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#4 of 6

A few weeks late, but I finally got my fourth treatment today.  Hooray! (Or maybe I shouldn't be saying hooray about purposefully putting poison in my body? Such a weird thing to be happy about, but oh well, lol!)  It is nice to feel like I'm back to fighting, and it was also really nice to record a temp of only 98.2 at the doctor's office this morning.

The surgery seems to be healing well, and it definitely did the trick with the fever. I didn't realize how much running that fever was affecting me, but I have felt so much better since it has been gone!  Very thankful that the surgery does seem to have addressed the problem.  

After 5 weeks, I felt like I was back to day one in getting the chemo.  Since the infection kept flaring up throughout the first 3 cycles, I am curious/nervous about what will happen now as to whether the infection and/or fever will come back, etc.  I also wonder if the side effects will be different now or what to expect, but hopefully, I will feel better overall.

Okay, nausea is kicking in more so I better stop writing and get some crackers.  Hope everyone has a good week, and that you manage to avoid any last minute shopping craziness!


  1. Pulling for you, Nancy! Feel free to contact me anytime if you need to talk!

  2. Hoping the nausea soon passes, and your fever NEVER returns. Keep pushing forward. ~Catherine

  3. ***thanks for being such an amazing person*** your positive spirit comes through your words. love you and miss you (:

  4. Nancy,
    It is good to hear that you are back on track. Sounds like the fever trigger has been eliminated. Hate to tell you, but there will probably be something else, but maybe more manageable. As I recall, the last treatments took a toll, but I didn't realize how much until they were over and I started getting my strength back. I only had 4 treatments, so you will probably be scraping bottom by the time you are through, but just know that it will be over and you can start recovery. Just chill and let everyone take care of you. You will probably have to start taking care of them before long.lol.
    Love to you and keep your chin up. Watch out for those sick people out there. rj

  5. Hey Nancy! Gosh, I'm so happy the chemo is working so far. The side effects sound awful, but you're fighting and that's got to be a great feeling. You are always in my prayers (even tho we don't get a chance to talk much.)
    Journaling your experience here is such an amazing thing to do. May I share it with others, so they can show their support as well?