Friday, December 21, 2012

Counting my blessings

 Since chemo on Tuesday, I have been feeling many of the normal side effects, but thankfully, there has been no reoccurrence of fever so far.  Though I didn't like the delay between these last 2 cycles, I do think that it has helped me to build some strength back and to not feel as bad with this treatment.  With the many bugs out there, I am trying to be pretty careful because my white blood cells did start out in the normal range, but definitely on the lower side this time.  

This year has definitely been a struggle and had some complications, but I wanted to take a moment to count some of my many blessings.

1)  I am so thankful for my family, both near & far, that have helped in so many ways.  I know that it has taken a lot of time, energy, and adjustments on their parts, but they have been such rocks for me.   Plus, I'm very excited about getting a new little niece sometime in February!

2) I have been blessed to have friends who somehow know just when things might  be hard and somehow reach out  to make me smile :)

3) The support that I have received from so many people and in so many ways is amazing!   The cards, prayers, calls, texts, and facebook/blog posts have been so uplifting.   Financially, the support of so many has been overwhelming and incredibly touching.  While, I've had at last check about $20, 600 in medical bills this past year, that burden has been significantly lightened through the kindness of so many.   I need to make sure to mention my appreciation for the 1213 Charitable Trust which did a $5,000 matching grant, and Chris Garrido who organized an amazing fundraiser.   I couldn't possibly name every person who was so generous in this post, but I want you to know that I appreciate it more than you can even begin to imagine.  

4) I appreciate so much the staff, nurses, and my doctor at Florida Cancer Specialists.  I don't know how they do it, but they are always in good spirits with a smile and kind word.  The atmosphere there is so calm which is something that I really need.  Dr. Cogburn has that same calm and kind demeanor, and I've been so appreciative of how she really listens to me, addresses questions, and provides explanations while giving me the opportunity to determine the best option for me without pressure.

5) I am thankful that what we are doing in regards to chemo, etc.  seems to be working and moving things in the right direction!

6) Most importantly, I am thankful that I can rest assured that  I am never alone, and that I do not have to handle any of this own my own.  It makes me think of the old Footsteps poem about how the two sets of  footprints are when He is walking beside you, but the one set does not mean that He left your side....those are the times He carried you.

Christmas Card Update/ Apology:    I had the best intentions of sending out christmas cards this year, but unfortunately, that just did not happen.    I hope that you will know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and that I wish you all the best things possible both at the holidays and for the New Year!


  1. Nancy, I love you.

  2. Much love and virtual hugs (the kind with no germs!).

    ~Christina Frye

  3. I'm always thankful when you update. the world stops. I read. love you and your sweet blessings blog (:

  4. I love your positive outlook. You inspire me. Merry Christmas!