Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 I am going to be quarantined to my house for a few days.   When my white blood cells started out this cycle at just 3.8, I knew that I would probably go too far down again this time which was confirmed today.  My white blood cells were only 1.4 today, and I was moderately neutropenic. With all of the flu nastiness going around, they stressed avoiding crowds and children even more than normal, and indicated that it would be in my best interest to stay at home.

 I just want to be able to complete my last chemo next Tuesday, and if quarantining myself will make that happen successfully, then I can do it....right?   I know it sounds like it wouldn't be that hard to stay in, but when you already have had and will have multiple days that you physically can't drive or leave the house, it is a little easier said than done...... especially when I am actually feeling pretty good like today.  It is strange to me that the chemo cycles were I've gone the lowest white blood cell wise are the ones that I've  actually felt the best.   Just one more oddity in this whole cancer weirdness!


  1. Do you need any movies I could drop off at your door. I have episodes of Psych. Definitely stay in. The sickness out here is running rampid! Don't take any chances. Get that last chemo DONE!!!

  2. Hi, Nancy,

    Popping over from Pk's blog. WELCOME to the BLOGSPHERE and our community! NOW is a good time to drop by and familiarize yourself to our world .... especially since you are "stuck" inside. Our community will make you laugh, cry, an cheer!

    I know you are on a rough journey, but you mental state will be HUGE in your healing. Keeping positive is something you have to do. You CAN fight this and WIN.

    I am very sorry to hear of problem. Both my parents had cancer. So you could imagine I HATE this disease.

    My mom BEAT it because of her positive outlook.... My Dad .... well he gave up and didn't put up a fight. Sadly he died from it. So it's all in your outlook. Talking about it is wonderful... you need to express your anger, frustration, and plan of attack.

    Take care, Nancy.


  3. so sorry, baby! i know you have people around you who can provide everything you need right now in terms of material things. please know i am sending lots of good vibes and love, and lots of hugs too!

  4. I'm glad you're feeling good enough that you could get out if you weren't quarantined and sorry that you're trapped at home. I've never actually been "quarantined" but I know what it's like to feel trapped. I admire you for being so open during this trying time. If I can do anything to help or make it better please let me know. (I happen to have an extensive YA library including some ARCs if books would help with the quarantine).

  5. praying that you find an awesome new series and have a little fun watching like 6 years worth in 6 days (: that's what happened with me and LOST. love you lots and appreciate you're thinking of me today....with my little battle. i've got someone taking over my cell phone. just too much to think or type or talk. but everything stops when you blog.

    sending love, amy

  6. Hey, Nancy,
    You know that this is part of the battle. One more treatment? That sounds great. You are doing so well since your last surgery. So glad that was taken care of. Praying you will heal quickly from your treatments and that the cancer will be less and less!!!! Hang in there, girly.
    love you

  7. And to second Beth's offer, if you need any reading recommendations, just holla! One thing we know around the blogosphere is books! :) If you need me to drop any off, I'd be happy to do so.