Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watched hair does not grow

Like a watched pot not boiling, watched hair does not grow, but I'm still staring at it in the mirror multiple times a day to see if it is maybe any longer than it was the time before.  What am I expecting?  That it will magically have grown an inch in the last hour?  I know the stats that hair grows about an inch a month. Mine is somewhere between a 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch right now. I've been told that having the surgery right after chemo may have slowed the growth down some as well.  Even if so, it was still worth going ahead and doing it.   Your hair can grow back a different color and/ or different texture than before.  So far, mine seems to be a lot lighter than it was before.  I prefer to believe that is because it is coming back in blond, not that it is more white/grey than before.  I was blond as a young child so I'm just going to enjoy my delusion for a little while, lol!

As many have noticed, you never know what I might look like these days.  I rotate between blond, brunette, and/or a hat pretty regularly.  I figure that it is the one perk to all of this that I can change my hair color and length at whim right now.  It is a little weird to have to text someone that I'm meeting at a restaurant that "I'm blonde today" so that they can find me, though!

My recovery from the last surgery has been good, and I have what will hopefully be my final follow-up for that on Tuesday.  I'm expecting that she will lift the restrictions on what to lift and activity at that appointment.   Next Friday, I will be seeing the oncologist re: the medicine that I started a month ago, and we will also run tumor markers. Those will take a few days to get the information from. This week I began teaching my other on-campus class, and though I am pretty tired, at least I'm basically back to real life. That is a very nice feeling!

My biggest stress right now is dealing with insurance and billing, but hopefully my appeals will work so that all of that is taken care of.  Also, it seems like every time I get stressed out that something happens to remind me that He has it under control, and I just need to put it in His hands.  I know that is a result of the many prayers that have gone up for me, and I am so appreciative of them!

In other big news, David & Jenn (my brother & sister-in-law in Nashville)  had their baby on Monday.  I think my new niece, Lylah Ann,  is absolutely adorable so I had to share a few pictures!


  1. Give yourself about 6 months, then check again :) Your hair will surprise you with all it's wonderful re-growth!

    When my hair grew back, it came in like when I was a baby - curly & blond. But then, one day, it just went brown and straight again (back to normal, for me.) So hang in there. It WILL be back. But yes, watched hair really does grow.

    Your niece is tiny and lovely. Thanks for sharing the photos. :) ~Catherine

  2. Love the pics of Lylah!! I think I finished chemo in a late November and it was the end of March before I felt comfortable showing my short hair in public. My color and texture did not change. Still pretty white. :-) It is fun to watch it come in. I love to touch it. Have a great day!

  3. Congrats, Aunt Nancy, Lylah is a cutie. And thanks for the good laugh with your comment about calling someone to say, "I'm blond today." Thank you for your positive attitude, it is so uplifting! And please know that you are in my prayers, every day!!
    Love you,