Saturday, June 8, 2013

Diet and insurance

A few doctor visits ago, I asked my oncologist what type of diet I should be following since the recommendations are different for breast cancer vs liver cancer, etc.  She mentioned that with active stage 4 cancer the diet isn't going to "cure" it, but research on following a mediterranean diet seemed to be positive for cancer and many other health issues.   I looked into it  at that time, but really started trying to follow it once I got the word on NED.  The mediterranean diet is high on fruits and vegetables with a goal of 7-9 a day and is more restricted on meat saying you should have beef or pork only 1-2 times a month with fish or chicken a few times a week.  I have probably leaned more to vegetarian than it actually requires you to do.  It has been a month, and so far, I've done pretty well with it.  Due to some of my other health issues, I used to have to play a lot of games of "if I eat this, I can't eat that" that I've found don't have to be played with meat primarily out of my diet.  So, if you have any good mediterranean or vegetarian recipes, please share them with me.  I am trying to add more items to my menu.

I got some good news yesterday that my insurance has finally approved my appeal and paid for my surgery in February.  That was a huge ($20,000+ sized) weight off of my shoulders.  What a relief!

Nothing much more to share;  I am just so thankful to have that worry gone and be feeling well!

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  1. What great news about the insurance! Answered prayers! I will definitely be thanking God for that in my prayers tonight! Love you!
    Kelli G