Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So happy together

Imagine me and you, I do, I think  about you day and night, it's only happy together...

Very thankful that NED (no evidence of disease) has decided to stick around for a while!  My tumor markers are good, and have even gone down a little bit from 3 months ago.  We will definitely do another PETscan in October along with tumor markers since that will be the 6 month point. For now, I can breath a huge sigh of relief and enjoy the next 3 months. I didn't even realize just how uptight and worried I was until after I heard the voicemail from my doctor and started crying. She offered that we could repeat the tumor markers in 6 weeks if it would make me feel better, but she doesn't think it is really needed.  After my reaction to her call,  I knew that it would be better mentally /emotionally for me to just stick with doing them in 3 months and avoid the extra anxiety. 

I appreciate the continued prayers, and feel very blessed & so thankful for them and these results!

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