Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A big thank you and a big YAY!

The Temple Terrace Fire Department hosted a spaghetti dinner to benefit some women in Temple Terrace with breast cancer in September, and they asked if they could include me in that.  Today, they came out to my house, with truck lights shining, and presented me with funds that were raised along with a shirt and TT Fire Dept afghan.  It  was an overwhelming and amazing thing for them to do, and I appreciate it more than I can begin to express.  It is a constant fight even when things are going well, but the prayers of everyone and the generosity of people such as the fire department & those that came to the spaghetti dinner definitely makes things a little, no, a lot easier.  Here are some pictures from them coming out today starting with me walking out to meet them to them asking to have a prayer and then a picture with the truck before they left.  Thanks to Shannon (& Kennedy)  for coming over and taking pictures for me!

The big YAY! is that I found out my bloodwork results today, and they are still in the NORMAL range == still NED!  We will be doing a PTscan before the year is out just to take another look & be cautious, but the tumor markers had actually dropped a little more, which is the way I like it!  Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers.  I appreciate them so much!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures! I am rejoicing with you! And continuing to pray for you, friend.

  2. That's great news Nancy! I know how grateful you are for every good test report. So thankful to hear it.

  3. what a wonderful thing they do! and they couldn't have come to see a sweeter girl! yes, it's the surprises, the little things, the thoughtful gestures that make all the difference (: love you and am so happy for you to have gotten this gift of a visit (: (: