Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

I got to begin this week with a couple of visits from a friend from Alabama.  Even though I was having to be careful with my counts, she was able to stop in for a few hours on a couple of different days, and it was wonderful to see her.   I am so thankful for long-time friends that you may not see very often, but whenever we do get together, it is like no time has past at all.  

This treatment cycle has had a few hiccups, but generally has gone okay.  I began to run a fever on Monday afternoon, and the oncologist called me in an antibiotic.   Today, I had my bloodwork done.  I am pretty low on white blood cells, but thankfully, just above the "danger zone" of neutropenia.  I've also been anemic, and the oncologist has been concerned with that. So, today I've gotten an iron infusion to hopefully help there.  Fatigue has been pretty strong this cycle, and I hope that the iron will help.  I was warned last night about the infusion, but I wasn't aware of what a long process it would be.  I've been here 4 hours at this point, and I probably still have about an hour to go.  I wasn't exactly equipped with lunch and stuff to be  tied up quite this long.  Again, I have to be thankful for a good friend who answered the "can you bring me lunch call?" once I realized what a long process it would be.   

Hopefully, the antibiotic & iron will do their jobs, and the rest of the week will go smoothly.  I know that I have so much to be thankful for, including the fact that Thanksgiving falls on week 2 of the cycle so I should be able to enjoy it!  Hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving!  


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Nancy! Hoping and praying you will feel great next Thanksgiving! Love and prayers, Stephanie

  2. love you lots and so thankful for your personality & attitude that encourage me daily ❤❤

  3. May God bless you and your family and may you have a happy Thanksgiving! You are doing great! I am proud of you!!

  4. Isn't it lovely when friends come to visit? That basically maintained my sanity during chemotherapy. I hope your Thanksgiving is happy and full of love. (And with more energy as you are treated with antibiotics c iron)

    Nice to have found your blog,