Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Low white blood cell count

This weekend, I seemed to really turn a corner in energy and strength from the surgery and biopsy.  I actually could say on Tuesday that I was feeling the best I had since before surgery.  I had been able to exercise daily, get out for some meals with family & friends, and attend church on Sunday morning.  So, I thought I was doing great (and still do)! 

After doing my blood work yesterday, the nurse came in and asked how I was doing in a very concerned voice.  She was surprised when I said I was feeling so good because my blood work apparently showed I should not be.  My white blood cell counts were pretty low, and I was showing as being moderately neutropenic.  Apparently,  my white blood cell counts were on the lower end of normal to start with last week as well.  Since I was feeling well, they opted to not put me on antibiotics but did caution me about large groups and avoiding hugs/contact, being careful with food, and described at what point I should call if I did start to feel bad.  We are hoping that the shot given to boost white blood cells would start to take effect by today.  It supposedly can take 7-8 days to kick in, and yesterday was just day 7. 

As luck would have it, today I feel congested, but I don't have a fever or any other side effects.  Hopefully, I will be able to avoid truly being sick, and this is related more to the weather and allergies.  This has been a bit of a wake-up call, though, because I know I am more prone to catching things.  Since you supposedly get progressively worse with each cycle, I'm a bit worried that if I'm already low on cycle 1 that I need to be extra vigilant in the future.  As much as I don't want to be a prisoner in the 4 walls of my house, I am going to probably need to be more cautious during the time when I know the white blood cells will be going down even if I am feeling pretty good.  

I'd appreciate any thoughts/prayers that this congestion will stay something minor, and that I will have good blood work and be able to go ahead with chemo this coming Tuesday.    The prayers and support that I have gotten from everyone has been overwhelming, and I appreciate it more than you can know.


  1. Nancy, You have been on mind everyday since the original news of your cancer. We have prayed for and will continue to do so. Keep telling us what to pray for each time. That seems right. If it turns out you want to go wig shopping and want any help, I am sure we can find one like my hair. :)
    I know you have many who offer help and assistance but if you need something specific we want to help. Please ASK!
    Love Melinda and Drew

  2. nancy, sorry the white count is so low. hopefully this congestion or whatever it is will amount to nothing. we are praying all the time and want to help, like drew and melinda. and if you need any bar-b-q, let me know. we finished up what we had tonight at supper. but i have another pork roast in freezer. fondly, ann white (and mike)

  3. Did they suggest any immune-boosting supplements or foods? Make sure to get your Vit D! I'm sure there are a ton of sources on nutrition on the web. Every little bit a mother to a toddler, we are always fighting or avoiding catching cooties. I use mega doses of Echinacea and Vit D and I'm not sure if it's what's making the difference, but neither Fisher or I have had a major cold in about a year and half.