Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2 Down, 4 To Go

This past weekend I tried to be very careful about exposure to germs so that this week's chemo would be able to go as planned. My chronic fatigue kicked in on Sunday to help me with that a little bit more, but it was the first bad fatigue I'd had since my surgery.   I'll definitely take 1 day out of  9 1/2 weeks compared to the 1 day out of 7-10 days that it had been happening in the last couple of years.

Everything stayed cleared up, and I was able to have chemo as scheduled yesterday. In the first cycle, I didn't eat during treatment which allowed the nausea to get ahead of me too much.  Thankfully, I learned from that mistake this time.  I came prepared with some crackers, and dad brought me a Panera soup that I knew I could eat.  It definitely helped!  I did not get as sick on day 1 this time, but nausea is apparently my not-fun friend for the first few days. I can hopefully keep it in control with the anti-nausea meds and doing like a pregnant woman warding off morning sickness and keeping crackers handy at all times.  I'm supposed to be drinking lots  of fluids, preferably water , but water makes me feel nauseous.  Does that happen to anyone else?  I can drink ginger ale or coke just fine, but plain water is a no go.  Maybe adding in crystal light will work?

My white blood cell count is starting a little higher than it did for my first treatment, but I was warned that it would probably still drop as much as before.  Since that would still put me in the neutropenic range again (where your white blood cells are so low that you can't fight off any infection), I am going to be very careful during the worst area of that drop-off time, which are days 6-9 of the cycle.  I will be getting the white blood cell boosting shot again, and  I go in for bloodwork on day 8 to see what the WBC's are really doing. A good thing that comes out of the infection last time is that I know the shot is kicked in and WBC's are better by day 10 even if they are still low in that day 8 bloodwork.

Well, I better go take my next anti-nausea pill. I've been told to follow that 3 medicine schedule like a "religious experience", and since it worked last time, I plan to do just that, lol!    Hoping that I will keep most of the other side effects at bay or at least as minimal as possible.

Thinking of everyone in the areas hit by Sandy, and I hope that you are safe and had no  or minimal damage!

*** Oh, almost forgot -- I did get some good news from the oncologist yesterday.  We had done a circulating cancer cells in the blood test to see if we could use that as a method of seeing how treatments were working.  Bad news is that won't work for us.  Good news is that there were 0 circulating cells.  Woohoo! There are no cancer cell conga lines going on in my blood!


  1. Nancy, I pray that everything continues to go as smoothly as possible for you. :) I tend to have terrible nausea when I'm "glutened" and I know what you mean about plain water making it worse. What helps me is a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a full glass of water. It takes a bit to palate it, but if it helps the nausea, it's worth the brief sourness. :) Hot peppermint tea helps too, but doesn't seem to be quite as effective for me. Ohh, and you can also try Sea Bands. Hang in there! Nausea is no fun on top of everything else you have to deal with. I hope you find a solution that works for you. :)

  2. nancy, we pray for you all the time. let me know if you feel like eating certain things, and i'd be honored to try to help. hope all continues to be positive. mike and ann white

  3. Hey girl, sounds good. The nausea is something to have to contend with. Everyone is different, but my experience was not so bad, I only vomited 1 time that I remember. Just that nausea feeling all the time. Thankfully the meds keep it at bay. I think you are doing really well. Hang in there. Not as far to go as it was. :-)

  4. Yeah I know what you mean about the plain water, I'm the same way. Use those nausea meds, never skip!!!! I'm happy to hear of the lack of cancer conga lines. Keep up the good fight girl!

  5. You can also try "Preggie Pops"...they are basically lollipops with ginger in them. They helped me when I was prego. Best bet is on-line. My experience is that the maternity stores, baby stores don't always have them. Love you, Nance!

  6. I've never been a fan of water, but will eat ice chips all day long! Hey, if Ginger Ale and coke work, go for it! Just get those fluids. I'm so glad you are posting updates, as you are always on my mind. Hang in there and be strong in the Lord....let me know if I can do ANYTHING at all for you. I'll even make a trip to Panera! Praying for you daily.... Emily Sullivan

  7. So glad to hear that about your blood. Praying, praying, praying!