Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nancy’s Financial Story

As many of you may know, Nancy had been working full time as a middle school band director for 11 years. Previous to her cancer diagnosis, she had some serious medical issues involving her lungs, digestive and nervous system, and she had to go on medical leave while she was pursuing a diagnosis. She had large medical bills during this time, but she was able to manage them because she was still under the school system’s insurance, and her health seemed to be improving greatly. Since Nancy decided with the help of her doctors that she could not continue at the middle school, she resigned from the public school system knowing that at the end of June she would lose her insurance benefits. After being turned down repeatedly by other companies, she was finally able to secure a high-deductible, high out-of-pocket group insurance policy through a professional music organization in March. However, at the end of June, she found the lump in her breast.

Nancy’s insurance policy has a $3,500 deductible and an $11,000 out-of-pocket, which she met very quickly, and her plan continues to charge a $200 facility access fee and $750 in hospital fee/day even after the out-of-pocket maximum is reached. She also has $4,600 of genetic testing that the insurance will not cover. In January, her $3,500 deductible and $11,000 out-of-pocket will begin all over again. With her current diagnosis, she will be facing continuing treatment and testing next year and likely for the rest of her life, and after a cancer diagnosis, no other insurance will accept her. Nancy is determined to keep working as much as possible, but her current jobs only take care of her normal bills. As much as mom, dad and the rest of us siblings would like to pay for all of her medical expenses, we would not be able to make much of a dent.

I have personally seen what an amazing impact giving can make as many people reached out to my wife and I after the Nashville flood destroyed our home over 2 years ago. Nancy is an amazing, Godly woman that has put all of her trust in our Lord. Please consider helping her in some way. Even a little can go a long way.

We have also just learned that for every dollar donated to Nancy, will match up to $5,000.

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  1. Thanks for posting this David. We will get the word spread here in Bartlett. She was a part of our family for several years while at UofM. Hopefully we can help her make a large dent in the ever piling bills.

    Praying for your family and Nancy daily.

  2. Thank you for posting this, David. Most people do not realize the financial crisis she is facing along with the health crisis. We have a generous family in the Lord, as you know. We thank God for His family that loves and cares for those in need. We pray many will help her. We continue to pray, Sharon Ayres

  3. I posted Nancy's story on my Facebook page and another friend of mine who is battling breast cancer sent me this message:

    I'm sure she might already know, but have her check with American cancer society and Susan G. Komen foundation. They are set up to help those pay for genetic testing, and future needs. The ACS website has links and numbers to call for help, and assistance. My prayers for your friend Chris. ~~Tori

  4. Lauren Baker MurrayOctober 24, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear you are going through all of this Nancy! I send my most positive thoughts and prayers to you during this trying time. The insurance crisis is almost as scary as medical one...I hope you are able to find healing and relief from both. All my love to you and your family!
    Lauren (Baker) Murray